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The Essential Guide to Set Goals and Objectives

Achieve Success as a Writer

set goals You've got the talent to become successful as a writer, but somehow the day just disappears and you haven't really accomplished much of anything.

You sit in front of your laptop and can't decide what tasks should be accomplished. So you check you email and social media sites instead. Look at photographs on Pinterest and see what's happening on YouTube.

Or maybe you bunny hop the day. Working on this project for an hour then hopping to that project for an hour but not crossing the finish line for any project.

You don’t know whether it would be more productive and profitable to become a ghostwriter, copy writer, write articles, press releases or web content.

If you haven't figured out where you want to go as a writer, you'll never get there.


dee powerHi, This is Dee Power and I started out working really hard as a writer but not achieving success. Then it dawned on me. Why didn't I set goals, objectives, strategies and action plans for my writing career?

"Whoa," I bet you're saying, "that sounds like a lot of MBA jargon."

I'm considered an expert when it comes to creating business plans with our management consulting clients. But I never set any goals for my writing. It was like the cobbler's children have no shoes. I planned for clients and companies but not for myself.

If I was ever going to get anywhere as a professional writer it made sense to develop a business plan for my writing, and that meant … you guessed it… setting goals, objectives, strategies and action plans.

Did I want to write and publish a novel, screenplays, how-to books, write web content, sales copy or earn money through blogging, affiliate commissions or advertising?

I didn't know which avenue to focus on so I chased after all of them. well, Okay, I did know absolutely, positively, that I wanted to write fiction, but I was confused about what would be the best way to earn money from my writing.

The process of setting objectives and goals and then figuring out how to achieve those goals through strategies and action plans helped me clear up the confusion. And it can help set you on the path to success as well.

My first goal was to write -- with my coauthor -- a nonfiction book on Venture Capital for Entrepreneurs and have it published by a big New York Publishing House.

My objectives included obtaining a contract within 3 months with a substantial advance.

Our strategies and action plans included completing market research on other books in the same niche, determining which publishing companies would most likely interested, writing a chapter outline and sample chapter and creating a marketing plan.

We developed a book proposal. Created query letters and narrowed down our list of potential publishers. We sent out the query letters. Did we achieve our goal?

Yes, and went on to write several more nonfiction books. I honestly don't think it would have happened if we didn't sit down and set goals and objectives, strategies and action plans.

That set me on the right path. I knew what I had to do. And you'll know what to do if you follow this guide.

Look when you start a diet, you don't just say "I'm going to lose weight," and somehow the weight just comes off. No. You choose a diet plan. You set weekly goals. You set up your eating plan for the week, go grocery shopping and then determine how much you'll eat to achieve your goals. The weight starts to come off as you stick to your plan.

It's the same thing with becoming a successful writer. You need to set goals and plan the activities you'll perform to reach those goals.

set goals The Essential Guide to Set Goals And Achieve Success as a Writer is packed with straightforward instructions, guidance and assistance. You'll find examples of goals, objectives, strategies and action plans you can put right to use.

No fluff in this practical 20 page guide. Here's what you get.

plr packagesIntroduction: Setting Goals, Objectives, Strategies, and Action Plans

plr packagesTypes of Writing In No Particular Order -- Not even alphabetical

plr packagesWhat Are Goals

plr packagesHow to Select the Goals for You

plr packagesSeveral Examples of Goals

measure goalsDetermining Objectives to Measure Your Goals

examples of objectivesExamples of Objectives

create strategiesTurning Your Goals into Reality with Strategies

set goalsExamples of Strategies

establish objectivesDevelop Specific Action Plans to Support Your Strategies and Send You On Your Way to Success

how to create goalsExamples of Action Plans

what are action plansWriting a Book Whether a Novel or Nonfiction

book proposalWhat is in a Book Proposal

business planPut Your Goals, Objectives, Strategies and Action Plans On Paper

plr packagesSuccess

I could go into a long sales spiel and tell you that I could charge $127 for this guide but today is your lucky day and the price is drastically reduced -- for a limited time only of course. I could, but I'm not going to. I asked myself what was a reasonable price for this guide? What would I pay for it? What could other writers afford to pay?

That's how I came to the price of $12.97. To be honest that's not what the guide is worth. If you follow it, and I certainly hope you do, it’s worth 100 times that.

I think your writing career is worth $12.97 If you do too, please order your copy of The Essential Guide Set Goals and Achieve Success as a Writer and start making money with your writing.

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