Business Plan Tips It’s Time For Reality.Com

Because of the fascination with Internet stocks on Wall Street, entrepreneurs are creating e-commerce companies by the thousands, in order to get a piece of this seemingly large, rich pie for themselves. The result of this rush to market has been in many cases a lot of hastily conceived, sloppily planned ventures that have little Continue Reading

Ideas for Corporate Games

There is a time and place for everything and while corporations usually don’t play around when it comes to profits, there is a place for corporate games. Get your meeting, seminar or workshop off to a productive start with a corporate game. Use one as a break or between segments to get the energy level Continue Reading

How to Market Fine Foods

Fine foods run the gourmet gamut from asparagus in aspic to zinfandel zabaglione. Getting the food from your shelves to the customer’s kitchens depends on effective marketing strategies. Whether you run a fine foods shop or make just one special product, potential buyers need to know about you and your business. First Step in How Continue Reading

Business Plan Tip Once Upon a Time

A good mental exercise to use when writing the Plan is to imagine that you are telling the story of your company to a good friend. Don’t get too wrapped up in the formality of the language, or the seriousness of the project, or the need to impress an investor. Just talk. Express your hopes Continue Reading