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Promotional Items Aren’t Just for Trade Shows

You’re probably familiar with the ubiquitous pen labeled with a bank’s name or the calendars distributed by many real estate agents with their smiling face in the middle of every month. Promotional items can be so much more than those mundane items. Promotional products seattle wa has a full line of products to get your Continue Reading

Know the Lingo

As an entrepreneur you need to know the lingo of your potential clients. If your client is in the restaurant business you need to know what front and back of the house means. Why it’s important and how to use the terms. Focusing on high tech, then SMS and IOS are important terms. In the Continue Reading

Keywords are the key to unlocking traffic

Well-written content on your business’s website is great, but you need eyes on that content or it’s wasted. “Build it and they will come,” only works in the movies. You have to give your potential customers — visitors — a road map to find you. So how do you do that? One way is through Continue Reading

How to Advertise at a Local Gas Station

Gas stations are located in highly visible areas at major intersections, on the perimeter of strip malls and near fast food restaurants. During busy periods hundreds of customers have the opportunity to see the advertising at the station. Take advantage of that potential with several different advertising methods and media. Keep marketing messages short, succinct Continue Reading

Fun Ideas for Product Promotion at Fairs

Arts and craft fairs, food fairs, and home and garden fairs are just a few of the different fairs or tradeshows available. Even though your primary marketing method may be fairs and shows, don’t neglect your website. The Nationwide Craft Industry says that 92 percent of artists and crafters have their own website. Fairs give Continue Reading

How to Market Fine Foods

Fine foods run the gourmet gamut from asparagus in aspic to zinfandel zabaglione. Getting the food from your shelves to the customer’s kitchens depends on effective marketing strategies. Whether you run a fine foods shop or make just one special product, potential buyers need to know about you and your business. First Step in How Continue Reading