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Does Your Website Have the Design It Deserves?

Professional Website Design is Critical Your website is your business’s first impression. Does it present an appearance that represents your products and services? When designing a website, especially an e-commerce website, it is very important to keep your visitors in mind. Since these visitors are potential customers, you first objective is to hold their interest Continue Reading

Article Marketing Strategy Can Turn Your Site Into an Authority Site

Authority sites are trusted by both visitors and search engines. Three of the factors that boost a site’s authority are relevant content, quality content, and updated content. A strong article marketing strategy can provide all three. Relevance of content A ragtag collection of bits and snippets of information on all sorts of topics won’t turn Continue Reading

What Happens If You Get Hurt and Can’t Work

A minor mishap, staying home because you have the flu, or suffering an injury that only lasts a day or two doesn’t require insurance coverage. But what happens if you’re hurt to the extent you can’t work for several months? While many families have life insurance on their primary wage earner, the majority don’t have Continue Reading

Business Financing for a Small Business

Business financing can be critical to getting a new business off to a fast start. Most people think of investors or a bank loan. Here are two other alternatives. Credit Card Financing Let’s face it, almost every entrepreneur has used credit cards to purchase an asset for their business or supplies when company funds were Continue Reading

Ideas for Corporate Games

There is a time and place for everything and while corporations usually don’t play around when it comes to profits, there is a place for corporate games. Get your meeting, seminar or workshop off to a productive start with a corporate game. Use one as a break or between segments to get the energy level Continue Reading