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What You Need to Start a Small Business

The income from a small business can ease the strain on the household budget, even if it brings in only a few hundred dollars a month. After you’ve decided on what type of business you’ll establish, tackle a few decisions that need to be addressed. Get the business started right and you won’t have to Continue Reading

Differences Between a Small Business Owner and an Entrepreneur

Small businesses employ just over half of private sector employees and over the last 15 years have generated 64 percent of the new jobs according to the Office of Advocacy of the Small Business Administration. A small business is defined by the Small Business Administration has having less than 500 employees, although there are exceptions Continue Reading

How to Make an Appraisal Business Work

Appraisals are required for a number of different reasons in various industries, including artwork, insurance, jewelry, sales of businesses, real estate and for automobiles, to name a few. Appraisers objectively define the value of an item through varying methods, such as comparable sales, physical condition, quality and the market. Get your appraisal business up and Continue Reading