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Promotional Items Aren’t Just for Trade Shows

You’re probably familiar with the ubiquitous pen labeled with a bank’s name or the calendars distributed by many real estate agents with their smiling face in the middle of every month. Promotional items can be so much more than those mundane items. Promotional products seattle wa has a full line of products to get your Continue Reading

Start your Engines Or Put on the Brakes?

Entrepreneurs often have trouble with two phases of the business plan process: getting started and crossing the finish line. Below are a few tips to help you get going Set goals for the completion of each section of the plan. It shouldn’t take you more than 30 days to create your business plan. Pick a Continue Reading

Know the Lingo

As an entrepreneur you need to know the lingo of your potential clients. If your client is in the restaurant business you need to know what front and back of the house means. Why it’s important and how to use the terms. Focusing on high tech, then SMS and IOS are important terms. In the Continue Reading

What You Need to Start a Small Business

The income from a small business can ease the strain on the household budget, even if it brings in only a few hundred dollars a month. After you’ve decided on what type of business you’ll establish, tackle a few decisions that need to be addressed. Get the business started right and you won’t have to Continue Reading

Does Your Website Have the Design It Deserves?

Professional Website Design is Critical Your website is your business’s first impression. Does it present an appearance that represents your products and services? When designing a website, especially an e-commerce website, it is very important to keep your visitors in mind. Since these visitors are potential customers, you first objective is to hold their interest Continue Reading

Differences Between a Small Business Owner and an Entrepreneur

Small businesses employ just over half of private sector employees and over the last 15 years have generated 64 percent of the new jobs according to the Office of Advocacy of the Small Business Administration. A small business is defined by the Small Business Administration has having less than 500 employees, although there are exceptions Continue Reading

Article Marketing Strategy Can Turn Your Site Into an Authority Site

Authority sites are trusted by both visitors and search engines. Three of the factors that boost a site’s authority are relevant content, quality content, and updated content. A strong article marketing strategy can provide all three. Relevance of content A ragtag collection of bits and snippets of information on all sorts of topics won’t turn Continue Reading

Keywords are the key to unlocking traffic

Well-written content on your business’s website is great, but you need eyes on that content or it’s wasted. “Build it and they will come,” only works in the movies. You have to give your potential customers — visitors — a road map to find you. So how do you do that? One way is through Continue Reading

Business Plan Tips It’s Time For Reality.Com

Business Plan Tips Because of the fascination with Internet stocks on Wall Street, entrepreneurs are creating e-commerce companies by the thousands, in order to get a piece of this seemingly large, rich pie for themselves. The result of this rush to market has been in many cases a lot of hastily conceived, sloppily planned ventures Continue Reading

Business Plan Tips Highlight the Positive, But Don’t Ignore the Negative

While it is of course important to talk about what a great opportunity the company represents for a potential investor, don’t forget to discuss the risks inherent in the venture also. These are sometimes painful for an entrepreneur to include–sitting down and thinking about what could go wrong and what could cause them to fail–but Continue Reading