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Promotional Items Aren’t Just for Trade Shows

graph-841606__180You’re probably familiar with the ubiquitous pen labeled with a bank’s name or the calendars distributed by many real estate agents with their smiling face in the middle of every month. Promotional items can be so much more than those mundane items. Promotional products seattle wa has a full line of products to get your company’s name and product to potential customers.

When selecting your promotional items tie in the item with what your company does. For example an accounting firm might consider a watch or clock since their services are required on a monthly basis and at year end closing as well as tax time. A construction company might consider a retractable tape measure. A catering company could use logoed coffee cups.

Choose several different items depending on how you plan to use them. It wouldn’t make sense economically to hand out expensive promotional items at a trade show and it would make you look cheap to hand out, say, a magnet as a thank you gift.

Here are a few ideas on how to effectively use promotional items.

Introduce Your Company
Consider having an item you can tuck in your briefcase. Every time you meet someone who could be a potential client or customer leave them with that inexpensive item. It’s a nice touch to give the client a promo item after a sales meeting. Or how about distributing the items at business mixers.

Trade Shows/Conventions
Of course you’d never leave home to exhibit at a convention or trade show without your trusty promotional items.

Thank You Gifts
If someone has gone out of their way to be helpful to you or your company a promotional item such as engraved glasses, business card holder or other work-related item is a nice touch as a way to say thank you.

Holiday Gifts
The holidays are prime gift giving season but how about making your gift stand out from the crowd by either giving it early say at Thanksgiving with a note that says “Thanks for being our client” or later around New Year with a note that says something like “Hope your New Year is prosperous.”

Contest Prizes
Volunteer to provide a prize for a local contest. It could be logoed tee shirts for the winning team or an individual prize. If your budget permits consider handing out a smaller promotional item to everyone who enters the contest.

Media Kits
You have a regular calendar for your publicity program right? An important part of that program is your media kit. Consider including a promotional item in that kit that reminds the recipient of who you are and what your company does. Every time she, or he, looks at the item you’ll come to mind. Include a smaller item when you send out press releases, perhaps not every time but once or twice a year.

Charitable Functions
Fundraisers, golf tournaments and other charitable events lend themselves to promotional items as prizes, part of the gift bag for contributions and as a thank you. Silent auctions are another way to get the word out about your company. The attendees see what you’ve contributed even if they don’t bid on it.

Now that you have lots of ideas of how promotional items help you effectively market your company, go through an online catalog of such items from Promotional products seattle wa. Chose several that fit your budget and objectives. Keep in mind most items are less expensive the more you order. Work with the sales rep of the company to come up with just the right items for your business. Those promotional items can lead to profits.

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