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Does Your Website Have the Design It Deserves?

Professional Website Design is Critical

professional web designYour website is your business’s first impression. Does it present an appearance that represents your products and services? When designing a website, especially an e-commerce website, it is very important to keep your visitors in mind. Since these visitors are potential customers, you first objective is to hold their interest long enough to convince them to take action. That action might be to sign up for your newsletter, ask for a bid or buy a product. A professional web design company, such as Phoenix web design leads the visitor to take that action.

Organization: an Important Part of Web Design

Organize the content into major categories but don’t go overboard. Offering visitors 30 different types of jewelry categories, for example, can be overwhelming when perhaps five or six categories such as rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings and men’s jewelry would be adequate.

Basic welcome pages that do not provide relevant information should not be included as part of your website. If all the page says is welcome with a short paragraph, don’t use it. In regard to text, each page of your site should contain at least 400 words. Shorter pages can easily be combined, in a logical manner, using sub-topics.

Use headings and subheading, bullet points to organize your written content. Visitors often skim material before deciding to actually read the content. Poor organization leads them to click away from your page.


Have you ever hunted and hunted to find the contact information for a company because you have questions and just couldn’t manage to uncover it? A professional web designer makes ease of navigation a high priority. You don’t want your visitor to succumb to click fatigue because they can’t find what they need.

Always make it easy to return to the home page or the major category pages if your website is an authority site.

Navigation should be consistent across the website. In other words, always have the link to the homepage in the same place on every page. If the major categories are on the left hand side don’t switch to across the top of the page.

Consider hiring Phoenix web design to professionally design your site to represent your business in the best positive manner.

Search Engine Optimization

website designKeep the search engines in mind in the design. On-page search engine optimization helps the search engines recognize what your site is about and rank it higher in results. Most people only click on the first page of search engine results, so rank is important.

Keyword phrases need to be first in titles on the page. The primary keyword/phrase for each page should be in the url of the page. For example, if the keyword phrase is unsafe commercial dog food, the url would be http://your-site.com/unsafe-commercial-dog-food.html. Use the keyword phrase in the alt text for images. And while you’re at it use the keyword phrase in the file name for the image. For example, http://your-site.com/unsafe-commercial-dog-food.jpg.

Know When to Flash

You might love those animated Memes but your visitor may find them annoying. Elements such as animation, flashy banners, scrolling text, pop-up windows and sound distract your visitors and may not be appropriate for a business site that offers professional services such legal or accounting advice.

Individuals with slower connections get irritated and may abandon your site if they have to wait for these elements to load. Scrolling text presents a problem to those who read at a slower pace than the information is being delivered or have eye sight problems. All of these things can result in a loss of return visits or sales.

On the other hand a fashion website could use a little pop of animation. The key is that your website designer should know when to flash and when not to.

Tiny print, odd looking fonts, and color combinations such as white fonts on a black background are difficult to read. Colors too close in shade such as light yellow on light orange are a challenge as well.

There’s an App for That

Google includes whether your website shows well on handheld devices such as a notepad or smart phone when presenting results to searchers. Mobile friendly sites require a responsive design.

Leave it to a Professional Website Design Company

Designing a website that includes all these variables is a challenge and a headache for those who aren’t experts. It may be more productive to focus your talents on your business and leave the design to a professional.

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