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Business Plan Tips Highlight the Positive, But Don’t Ignore the Negative

While it is of course important to talk about what a great opportunity the company represents for a potential investor, don’t forget to discuss the risks inherent in the venture also. These are sometimes painful for an entrepreneur to include–sitting down and thinking about what could go wrong and what could cause them to fail–but Continue Reading

How to Write a Business Plan Investors Won’t Laugh At: Keep the Projections Realistic

By Brian Hill Entrepreneurs are frequently advised to make sure the financial projections in their Business Plans are “realistic” before they present them to potential investors. But what does that really mean? Some entrepreneurs interpret that advice to mean their projections should be ultra-conservative. Taken to an extreme, this means you are presenting what amounts Continue Reading

Marketing Strategies for Fine Foods

How to Market Fine Foods Fine foods run the gourmet gamut from asparagus in aspic to zinfandel zabaglione. Getting the food from your shelves to the customer’s kitchens depends on effective marketing strategies. Whether you run a fine foods shop or make just one special product, potential buyers need to know about you and your Continue Reading