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Business Plan Tips Can You Sell Your Product

Yes, But Can You Actually Sell This Product? It’s amazing how many people put a statement like the following in their plan: “The total market for our product is projected to be $1 billion in five years. If we only get 10% of it, we will be a $100 million company in five years.” Well, Continue Reading

Business Plan Tips Highlight the Positive, But Don’t Ignore the Negative

While it is of course important to talk about what a great opportunity the company represents for a potential investor, don’t forget to discuss the risks inherent in the venture also. These are sometimes painful for an entrepreneur to include–sitting down and thinking about what could go wrong and what could cause them to fail–but Continue Reading

What Happens If You Get Hurt and Can’t Work

A minor mishap, staying home because you have the flu, or suffering an injury that only lasts a day or two doesn’t require insurance coverage. But what happens if you’re hurt to the extent you can’t work for several months? While many families have life insurance on their primary wage earner, the majority don’t have Continue Reading