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What Happens If You Get Hurt and Can’t Work

A minor mishap, staying home because you have the flu, or suffering an injury that only lasts a day or two doesn’t require insurance coverage. But what happens if you’re hurt to the extent you can’t work for several months? While many families have life insurance on their primary wage earner, the majority don’t have a plan for when that wage earner becomes disabled. How you protect yourself depends on the injury, how you hurt yourself and where the accident happened. You might find help from three different sources.

Injury Protection Coverage
If you’ve been injured at a business, that business may have injury protection coverage. If so that protection may pay for your medical expenses and lost income. It may also pay for emotional stress as well. The business manager may or may not tell you they have such coverage. Have your insurance company contact the business or the business’s attorney to see what coverage, if any is available. If your insurance company declines to help, contact a reputable personal injury attorney. Most will give you a free consultation and take the case on contingency, which means that you have to share whatever you get from the business’s injury protection coverage with the attorney as payment.

Workers Compensation
Another option is workers disability compensation which could kick in if you’re injured at your place of employment. Many states mandate that kind of coverage. However, the injury has to be the result of the work place. You need to follow proper operating procedures, use the right safety equipment and use common sense. Don’t assume that if you do become injured that you’ll automatically be covered. It depends on the circumstances and whether the injury was partially or totally your fault.

Personal Disability Insurance
The option most people fall back on is private, personal disability insurance. If your employer offers health insurance they may offer disability insurance as well. The insurance will require that you can’t work. It may not start until you’ve been off work for six to eight weeks. Your full salary may not be covered. Some disability covers only certain expenses while others give you a check based on the coverage you have. What you spend the check on is up to you.

Check to make sure the policy doesn’t require you to work at any job, but in the same line of work you were qualified for before you were injured. Also check to see how long the coverage lasts.

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